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TCM 20Si i 

User-Friendly Cover Design

  • No coolant leaks

  • Easy mainenance

  • Enlarged workspace

Structure of minimized thermal Deformation 

  • Integral bed structure

  • High rigidity frame design 

Cycle time reduction 

  • Apply smart overlap

  • Apply smart rigid tapping 

  • Apply Intelligence Chucking System 

Tool layout


Key Specification

Max manufactuer diameter

Max stroke 

Max main drilling 

Max main tapping 

Max cross drill

Max cross tapping 

Max cross slotting

Max back end drilling(stationary)

Max back end drilling(rotate)

Max back end  tapping(stationary))

Max back end tapping(rotate) 





Max. Machining OD

Max. Machining Length



Cross Drill

Back End Tool

Eccentric Tool

Main Spindle

Sub Spindle

Cross Drill

Back End Tool

Coolant Pump


Machine Size(L x W x H)

Electrical Power

Air Flow Rate

Fanuc Oi-TF PLUS

Ø20 mm

300 mm

6 EA [□ 12]

10 EA (FRONT 5, BACK 5)

5 EA

5 EA(fix2, live3)


10,000 rpm (2.2/3.7 kW)

8,000rpm (1.5/2.2 kW)

6,000 rpm (1 kW)

6,000rpm (1 kW)

200 Liter

3,500 kg

2785 x 1285 x 1800

15 KVA (Min 16 SQ)

120~150 Liter / Min

TCM 20Si

Standard Accessories

Optional Accessories

  • Cross Live Tool Holder

  • Rotary Guide bush

  • Coolant Flow Sensor

  • RS-232C I/O Interface

  • Door Lock

  • Part Conveyor

  • Bar Feeder Interface

  • Automatic Shut-off Device

  • Indoor lighting(LED)

  • Signal Lamp

  • Cut Off Tool Breakage Detector(S/W)

  • Tools-life management system

  • Prevention Collision System

  • Manual Pulse Generator(MPG)

  • Stationary Guide Bush

  • Transformer

  • Rear Discharge Device

  • Eccentric Tool

  • Pressure Coolant Pump

  • Bar Feeder

  • Chip Conveyor

  • Coolant Cooling System

  • Dust Collector

  • Side Cutter

  • Whirling Head

  • 3-Spindle Adjustable Angle Unit

  • 3-Spindle Unit

  • Polygon Unit

38H Machining Movie

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