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About us

“TCM offers an integral premium covering price, quality&service, all of which are based on cost-effectiveness and certified by US customers over the last 20 years."


TCM is a manufacturer specializing in the production of CNC Swiss-type Lathes.

TCM is committed to manufacturing machines of the highest quality to ensure complete client satisfaction.

TCM is actively expanding its business globally through the exportation of its products to worldwide. 

​CEO Message

"Taechang Metal & Machine Company CEO Younghak. Lee."

Dear customers. 

  First, Thank you for visiting our website.
Our company has supplied the domestic or foreign leading companies to produce the best customizing products
to all work partners of one accord with the motto of Creative innovation, act of thinking, and resposibility of quality.

  We promise that we will do our resposibilities and capabilities as the leader of Korea's CNC manufactuerer through change and innovation.

  Please ask you a lot of encouragement and support. and We'll requite our customers to the best quility.

Thank you.



 . New model 38H released 


. New Model 20 SII released


  • New Model 32/38 S II released


  • Aug,

    • TCM Series released Stype 20_26_32_28S​​


  • Sep,

    • IMTS 2008 SQC SQX&SM 20_32_38​​Ø displayed


  • Sep,

    • IMTS 2006 SQC 20_30_38Ø displayed


  • May,

    • MMTC Acquired by TCM 


  • JulY

    • KSI​/MMTC  established for R&D_ Manufacturing of Swiss style auto lathes in Colorado, US 



Creative Innovation

Act of Thinking

Responsible for quality

- Keep up with the times through Creative Innovation.

- Try to solve quickly and correctly the problem into Act of Thinking.

- Pursue the Responsiblity of Quality for the best customer satisfaction.

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