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Special option tool

"Utilizing our specialized option tool will greatly enhance the ease and speed of your production process.

Special option tool 

Introducing the TCM Special Option Tool – a game-changer for your machine!

This exceptional tool can be effortlessly installed on two crucial sections of your machine.

Experience the benefits of installing this special option on the cross-tool post, enabling enhanced performance and precision.

Additionally, unleash its full potential by planting it on the back tool section, unlocking unparalleled efficiency.

It's important to note that the installation of this special option tool is a replacement for your existing tool, guaranteeing seamless integration rather than being an add-on feature.

Embrace the future of machine optimization with TCM's Special Option Tool.

Special option tool

410908000-32_Gear hobbing unit 8.65.png

Gear Hobbing Unit

413503003-32_3-spindle-Face drillmilling unit-IC.68.png

3 Spindle-face drill milling unit

410613006-32_ Polygon unit.64.png

Polygon Unit 

411010005-32_3-spindle-Counter face drillmilling unit-0-90 angular adjustable.67.png

3- Spindle-face drill milling unit 

0-90 angular adjustable

419942004-32_Thread whirling unit type 42BJ offset Z=5.71.png

Thread Whirling Unit 

410107001-32_Straight offset cross drill-milling unit x2.62.png

Straight offset cross

drill milling unit

Machining video

Example of attachment

Thread whiriling unit
3Spindle-face drill milling unit

Special option tool
(Back end) 

411610000-33_Face slotting unit for sub spindle-ASSY.92.png

Face slotting unit for 

sub spindle 

410110002-32_Face drillmilling unit for sub spindle-ASSY.94.png

Face drill milling unit for

sub spindle

410510002-32_Cross drillmilling unit for sub spindle.95.png

Cross drill milling unit for 

sub spindle (Y2 ONLY)

터닝 바이트 홀더.png

Bit holder

Machining video

Example of attachment

Face slotting unit
for sub spindle

TCM38H SPECIAL.154.png
Cross drill milling
unit for sub spindle
Bit holder for
sub spindle
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