Differentiated Strengths

Application Example

The intelligence chucking for the below workpiece reduces 1.7 sec and increases 15% of daily yield. 

ex1. Example of Appling Intelligence Chucking

Rapid Tool Change

saves cycle time by moving the tool in a smooth arc. Instead of moving fully back, over and up for each tool change. The function calculates the smoothest and most efficient transition path from tool to tool saving time on every tool change. Savings that add up to a significant reduction of cycle time, which means more profits for you.

T0101 ;


M3 S3200 ;


G0 X27. Z0. ;


G99 G1 X25.5 F0.3 ;

T0101  M3 S3200 ; X27. Z0.


G99 G1 X25.5 F0.3 ;

* Before vs. After changing the programs

ex2) Cycle Time Reduction

Custom Function 

Repetitive operations commonly used for settings consist of several customer functions so that users can use them more practically.

Custom Function

Screen captures of M42 Initial tool setting, manual tool calling function & crash prevention setting are the below

Fig 6) Screenshots of Custom Function